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nice to meet you!

Thank you for your interest in Four Sisters Floral!


We are Caitlin and Jordan - two flower-loving gals who have struck out on our own after years of work in the floral industry.

We are a studio-only florist, open by appointment only, meaning we only work on events and weddings (no daily orders, prom, or holidays). 

Our business name is a tribute to all of the strong and creative women in our lives, who helped us make this dream a reality.

We care deeply about the environment and strive to make our designs as sustainable as possible. We continue to look for ways to reduce the impact of the industry, while partnering with local growers, vendors, and suppliers as a testament to the meaning of “small business”. 


At Four Sisters Floral, we know that true love comes in as many varieties as there are flowers in nature. We proudly serve all couples who desire handcrafted botanical arrangements for their special day.


Jordan Pynes


As your floral designer, my 
creative process begins with you. 

I start by getting to know each client; I’m curious about your color palette, your vision, your unique sensibility. My creations embrace originality - no two weddings are ever quite the same, and every piece I design is as distinctive as each love story.  I am continually inspired by color, texture, and season. From bold and daring to delicate and classic, I am a versatile and detail-oriented artist.

Movement and vibrancy are at the heart of my work. 


Caitlin O'Meara


I gravitate towards the eccentric and eclectic, really the more creative the better! I love working with local flowers and am drawn towards capturing the mood of a particular season, place, or theme. More importantly, I love working with couples who have a strong sense of what they like & the challenge of making that vision real, in flowers. My creative process takes into account all factors important to your event - space, budget, design - 

to achieve unique, personal

 pieces for you. 

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