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Floral FAQs
How does it work?

Congratulations! You've picked a date and you are ready to start planning your event! Read through our guide on floral basics and everything you need to know about booking with Four Sisters Floral. 

Photo Credit: Hannah Rose Gray Photography

What services does Four Sisters Floral provide? 

We provide full wedding and event services anywhere in Arizona, primarily in Northern Arizona. We do not have a storefront and do not offer daily services, such as an arrangement for a birthday or holiday, at this time. We do travel through all of Arizona and provide full set up and break down services, if needed, for your event.

I've picked my date. When should I contact my florist?

Send us an inquiry on our website to see if your date is currently available. We will respond quickly to let you know if we are available or if our calendar is full so that you can continue the planning process. We typically work on quotes in order of calendar months (ie start with the earliest event and move through each month, so in January we are working on April-June and so on).


While we are happy to confirm dates, if your wedding is more than 4-6 months away, we will not provide a quote until closer to the date so that pricing & availability is accurate. Don't worry - we will still have plenty of time to plan your floral dreams together! 

Our calendar is always open for the upcoming season. We book on a first come, first served basis and we limit how many events we can do at any one time. We record the date of every inquiry to determine whether or not we can take more events on that date. However, we do not consider an event "booked" until the retainer has been paid and the signed contract returned, even if we're still sorting out the last details of the estimate.

What questions should I expect my florist to ask me to prepare my estimate?  

Our digital consult form steps you through everything we need to know to write a quote for your event. Take your time filling it out and provide as much detail as you can. The most important details are: 

  • Is there a theme / palette / design you have in mind? 

  • Do you have a budget?  (Read on as to why this is so important!) 

  • Photos! Do you have photos of your outfits, a Pinterest board, or other inspiration you can share with us? 

  • How much - estimated number of guests, bridal party size, centerpieces?

  • Any other special requests or personal elements you may want to add

I've returned my consult form. When should I expect my quote from Four Sisters Floral? 

Same-Year Event: You can expect your quote within 2-4 weeks of providing us your consult form. However, if you are contacting us in the main wedding season (May-Oct) for a wedding later in the year, there will be a delay while we are designing and installing other events. We want to provide the highest level of service to each of our events, so we do our best to communicate with all of our inquiries and booked couples. However, if you haven't heard from us don't hesitate to reach out again! 

Next Season Event: If you are contacting us for your event in the following year, please note we do not issue quotes more than 6-8 months in advance. We are more than happy to confirm if the date is available, put it on the calendar, answer any questions you have, and send you a consult form to guide your planning. However, we have found that so much changes in a year, both in the design, but also in pricing and floral availability. Drafting a quote a little bit closer to the event prevents revisions and gets you the most accurate estimate of your floral costs and design. 

What is the timeline of responses/deadlines I can expect with Four Sisters Floral? 

  • 1-3 days from your inquiry, expect an email response from Caitlin or Jordan. We will confirm whether your date is available and send you either a consult form or some follow up questions.

  • If your wedding is more than 4-6 months away, we will not provide a quote until closer to your date. We are happy to answer specific questions, but we rarely price more than 6 months in advance, to provide you a more accurate quote.

  • Within 2-4 weeks of completing your consult form, depending on your date, expect an itemized quote from us, along with the contract and the invoice for your retainer payment. Note, if there are more questions or quantities have not been firmed up, this timeline may be extended until we have all information to proceed. During the busy wedding season, we will let you know if there will be a delay in providing a quote.

  • Once you've decided to book with us, your retainer and contract are due immediately in order to hold the date of your event. If we don't receive this, we will open the date again.

  • 30 days before your event, your estimate will be finalized and your remaining balance is due in full 

How much do flowers cost and why do you ask for a budget? 

This is one of the most frequent questions we get asked - how much does it all cost? The expense of production, labor, and transportation of fresh flowers continues to rise.  Since we do not have the overhead of a full-service shop (ie we do not have a store front for daily orders), we do our best to minimize costs and provide creative solutions. We believe everyone should have access to fresh flowers for their day, regardless of their financial constraints. 

Several factors go into the cost of florals, including the season, popularity of a current palette, the labor to create the design, the amount of flowers used, the type of bloom chosen, etc. An average wedding costs between $2000-$5,000, depending on the number of pieces you will need for your celebration.

For more budget-conscious events, we are happy to provide options for DIY / bulk flowers and make substitution recommendations so that you arrive at the same look and feel you were after. For larger budgets, we have access to both local and commercially grown blooms and can supply in large quantities to complete your look. ​

As all of our designs are custom and we price each piece by hand, based on current market availability and costs, as the cost of no two blooms is the same!  We ask for a budget to better guide the floral selection and designs to meet your expectations and to prevent time-consuming revisions. 

What else should I know about flowers and Four Sisters Floral? 

We LOVE our work and so look forward to creating something perfect, personal, and original for your day! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions, special requests, or unique ideas for your next event. 

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