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tell us about your event:

Thanks for reaching out! Please use this contact form to inquire about your event. Your inquiry will be automatically added to our calendar, but we will reach out to confirm we are available and set up a consult. 

Note, we are not accepting bookings for the following dates:
November 20th through November 27th, 2023
December 20th through January 6th, 2024

May 12th, 2024

August 12th through 21st, 2024


Please only use the contact form to inquire about a new event.

For general questions you can shoot us an email:


No need to inquire with us. Your venue sends us your date and contact details at the time of booking. We will contact you from your personal portal when we receive your information. If you have general questions before then, shoot us an email at the address above!

~Caitlin & Jordan

PS - "Why don't you have a phone number listed?"

We are a studio-based, contract-only florist. Our studio is by appointment only and we only work on contracts (no daily orders, like birthday's, prom, or holidays). It also means our schedule is irregular and it is easy to lose a voicemail when you're not in an "office"!  


We begin our process with email inquiries. We check our emails regularly, so don't worry, we will get back to you! We have found that email is the best way for us to service the clients we have & stay organized. We are always happy to schedule a call with you once we have your info! 

Want to say Hello in person? ​

Join us at the free

2024 Bridal Expo in Flagstaff!

March 23rd, 2024

10:00 am - 4:00pm

Little America Hotel

2515 E Butler Ave, Flagstaff, AZ

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