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Meet the Designers

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

About Caitlin:

My grandfather was a master hobby gardener. Born in Santa Fe, I was raised in Southern Arizona, but our garden was filled with plants from all over - from native desert vegetation, to a rose garden, to fruiting trees - he could grow anything, even in the arid Southwest. He taught me how to properly cut rose blooms and I started arranging them in various vases from childhood. The resilience and refuge of that garden still inspires me.

While I pursued an art history degree and developed a fulfilling career in the arts for the last decade, I continued to provide design and wedding coordination services to friends and family. After spending six years in Chicago, IL, I returned home to Arizona to be near to family in 2017, determined to pursue a career as a florist.

I was drawn to floral design as a means of translating the color and texture of our made and natural world. I love the endless creativity and bringing a vision to 3D form, bound really only by one's imagination and what the organic world can provide. With a long love of design, craft, and color, coupled with my background, I draw inspiration from the art I've seen. I also draw on natural patterns and colors, found in nature, from my many hikes and visits to botanical gardens, and love a good forage in and around Flagstaff’s trails.

With those years of professional experience, I am thrilled to co-own and work together with my dearest friend, Jordan, on Four Sisters Floral and bring creative, unique designs to Northern Arizona, fulfilling a long-held dream.

About Jordan:

I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and lived in the Pacific Northwest briefly before my family settled in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona in the summer of 2000, just before I started first grade. I consider myself a true Flag local and am proud and excited to launch this business in my hometown.

I was raised with a passion for the natural world. My father is a beekeeper and gardener and provided my first introduction to the world of flowers and plants. I completed a degree in Environmental Studies at Northern Arizona University to further my professional knowledge and experience. I strive to incorporate my love of the outdoors into my work as a florist, from the style of the bouquets I make to my goals for an environmentally sustainable business model.

I’ve worked professionally as a florist for the last seven years and have found my home particularly in wedding design. I am inspired by texture, movement, and color in order to produce balanced, delicate bouquets that capture the essence of my couple’s vision.

The “Four Sisters” in our business name refers to our team: myself along with my two biological sisters, who have supported this dream and helped make it a reality, and the fourth sister: my wonderful friend Caitlin, without whom I never would have even dreamed the dream.


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